Wake–On–LAN versus Wake Timers

Published 28 June 10 04:47 PM | rodtrent


When you absolutely, positively have to wake up your PC’s, accept no substitute.

In the military, Reveille has long been played by the company bugler to rouse the soldiers from their slumber. They could have relied on each soldier to set his own alarm or train their body clock to wake them at the appropriate time, but long experience has shown that this is an unreliable way to ensure that the company of soldiers is awake at the time it should be.

The same is true for PCs. Even though there are now mechanisms within the operating system to wake a PC from sleep at a certain time, there are definitely times when this is not sufficient. The need for a reliable, scalable and secure wake-up call is clear. The only solution which enables this is Wake-On-LAN (WoL) from an external source, such a the 1E WakeUp solution..

There are 3 main reasons to use WoL in addition to alarm clock style wake-ups

1E Business Blog | Wake–On–LAN versus Wake Timers

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