FAQs Engine back online

Published 24 June 10 10:04 AM | rodtrent

We’re continuing to develop code in the background for - to continue providing ultimate value as the central hub for System Center and systems management technologies.

Today, we re-released the FAQ system.  What is the FAQ system?

It’s a community-proctored question and answer technology, allowing you to ask MVPs your questions and then getting an answer back directly, through email and also posted to the FAQ pages for everyone to benefit.

Oops…did I say MVPs?  More on that later, but suffice to say, there are special people designated to specific Q&A areas so that you get answers back that are thorough and complete.

It’s a pretty neat system.  Plus, you can just click the FAQs link and search through what is already there.

We’ll be spending some time cleaning up some older entries that are no longer valuable, but the technology is good to go.  Give it a whirl when you get a chance by clicking the FAQs menu item on the site’s main pages.

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