Want to automate the download and injection of drivers into System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)?

Published 17 June 10 04:26 PM | rodtrent

You will be able to – soon…

I was lucky enough to sit in on a demo of an early beta for ENGL’s Driver Manager this morning, and even though the beta code is not fully complete yet, this tool is going to provide a huge value to ConfigMgr admins everywhere.

Stay tuned, as ENGL will be opening up a public beta in the next couple weeks and I know there will be a mad rush to try and get in on it.  We’ll make an announcement when the public beta is ready and give you the specifics of how to sign-up to participate.

ENGL has made some screen captures and preliminary information available on their web site today, so you can get a quick look into what they will be offering.


The beauty of this tool (as shown in my beta demo) is the ability to automatically download drivers from the various vendor web sites and then centrally store the drivers for you.

Your feedback into this product is going to be key, so take a look at their web site and keep an eye on myITforum.com for information about how to join the beta.


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