Nostalgia – Remember the very first SMS Alliance?

Published 17 June 10 02:10 PM | rodtrent

Dug this up on the site today.  Thought you old timers would get a kick out of it.


SMS Alliance

A complete SMS Server solution
One-stop shop for all SMS extenders
Security of a Microsoft sponsorship
Access to community of domain partners
Cost-savings with SMS-Alliance bid
Leverage the Microsoft platform
Leverage of best practice client experiences across all members

The SMS-Alliance is a consortium of companies with strong technologies and services around Systems Management Server (SMS) brought together to leverage joint resources to strengthen capabilities and benefits of SMS to our mutual companies. The benefits they provide include: a complete SMS Server solution a one-stop shop for all SMS extenders the security of a Microsoft sponsorship access to a community of domain partners real cost-savings with an SMS-Alliance bid leverage with the Microsoft platform and leverage of best practice client experiences across all members.

For discussions about the SMS Alliance and the various SMS Alliance member companies, participate in the SMS Alliance forums:

SMS Alliance Forums

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