Test v.Next and you could win a trip to MMS 2011 #mms2011

Published 28 May 10 06:30 PM | rodtrent

The System Center team is pleased to announce a community blog contest for those of you excited about Configuration Manager vNext. This is your chance to talk about the new product features you are excited about in the Beta and be rewarded with the tools to create multi-media blogs with exclusive insights into the development and release of Configuration Manager, helping you grow your influence in the community!

Sounds like fun! How do I win?

You must be a participant in the Configuration Manager vNext Beta program to be eligible for the contest. Signing up is easy! Simply join Connect (you will need to create a Live ID Account if you do not already have one) at Microsoft Connect. Then go to the Configuration Manager vNext Beta connection to sign up and gain access to behind the scenes information about vNext.

Then you can create your blog! Each month we will announce a monthly theme on our website, which you will be able to use as inspiration. Once you have your blog posted, email scnetsup@microsoft.com with a link and let us know you would like to enter the contest for that month. The prize will be awarded to the blog that is most technically accurate and relevant and best uncovers insights and best practices for Configuration Manager vNext. That’s it!

What do I win?

Each month, you will have a chance to win an exclusive System Center branded high-def Flip-Mino 2nd Generation camcorder, which will enable you to easily create and post videos to any website. In addition, each monthly winner will be entered into a drawing at the end of the competition for a pass to the Microsoft Management Summit for 2011.

Great, what should I do first?

Review the complete contest rules, and then sign up on Connect and email scnetsup@microsoft.com. Once you let us know that you plan to submit your blog, we will sign you up as a registered participant and you are on your way to winning!


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