Welcome to #mms2010 – winners of the Adaptiva drawing

Published 15 April 10 04:21 PM | rodtrent

Late last night, the good folks at Adaptiva allowed us good folks at myITforum.com to perform the “drawing of names” to determine who would go to MMS 2010 for free (excluding travel and lodging, of course).  After some communication back and forth, we now have the 5 finalists and can officially announce them here.

But first … a story.  EVERY year at MMS, Sean McHugh wins something.  EVERY YEAR.  This guy has luck like no other.  So, keeping with tradition, Sean didn’t win once last night – his number actually came up TWICE!  Well…luckily Sean was attending MMS 2010 already, so he forfeited his free ticket so someone else could go instead.  But, I say that, to say this – if you’ll be gambling while in Vegas this year, you may want take Sean along with you.  Just a friendly tip.

So, now that you’ve read through story, its time to announce the actual winners of the Adaptiva drawing.  The winners are:

Oskar   Landman
Larry   Childress
Michael   Reavis
Brandon   Linton
Jeff   Spengler


Congratulations guys!

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