Twitter at #mms2010 – how to participate, join the discussion and eliminate social noise

Published 14 April 10 03:46 PM | rodtrent

Twitter has become more than a passing fancy.  Personally, I’ve been participating in Twitter for so long I can’t remember when it all started.  Some people blast me for my participation in the Twittersphere, but it actually helped land me a great job.  I manage 3 different Twitter accounts, so the experience is there, and I know, for the most part, what works and what doesn’t.

For the last couple years, I’ve been Twittering at MMS, and then last year it kind of started to catch on.  This year, however, Microsoft has definitely identified the value and they have developed some guidance for how to organize communications at MMS 2010 to help eliminate some of the noise that Twitter can produce.

OK…so to begin with, the PRIMARY hash tag for the overall event is:




But, Microsoft has gone even further this year and is hoping that you all will utilize a special format for the specific sessions themselves.

So…you would use the following hashtag format for sessions - #MMSxxxx where xxxx is the session code such as:


· #MMSBC04


· #MMSOA04


If we that format is used it allows folks to watch for just #MMS and get all session streams, or zoom into:


· A session type:                #MMSB – All breakout sessions

· A breakout track:            #MMSBC – All Client Track Breakouts


ALSO – per Jeff, Microsoft is looking for you to post questions prior to their Panel of Experts on Thursday.  You can do that by simply Twittering the question and using the following he hashtag:


Read more about that here:


Of course, these are only recommendations.  For example, if you want to create your own hashtag, for, say, MMS Parties, create your own hashtag and let us know so we can participate with you.

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