welcomes Truesec back as Bronze sponsor this year – with a Windows 7 special event…

Published 11 January 10 07:26 PM | rodtrent

If you think Windows 7 deployment is more complex than Windows XP – we will prove you wrong!

If you believe an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 takes a Vista install first – we will prove you wrong!

If you believe thin clients are easier to roll out than Windows 7- you are wrong!

If you live in the belief that the perfect upgrade includes Windows Easy Transfer, an external disk and 12 hour per client in installation time – we are happy to prove you wrong!

If you think the drivers and its handling for Windows 7 is a problem – let us prove you wrong!

If you think the licensing for Windows 7 is as convoluted as all other licenses – you are probably right :)

Welcome to a day jam packed with tips & tricks directly from the trenches!

Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark will teach you how to migrate to Windows 7 and Steve Riley will help you stay secure.


Click the graphic to find out more…


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