Start the new year right – start blogging for an instant audience

Published 04 January 10 06:24 PM | rodtrent

Want to write some more technical content and get it to a larger audience? has over 120 bloggers who post topics ranging from System Center to Security.  Several Microsoft employees, who work with the products teams, blog at exclusively at  Our blogs continually get notoriety by industry organizations and posts to the blogs are regularly picked up in national and international media. offers blogs to anyone for free.  Blogging is a quick way to jot down a thought or idea, or write a complete article to help the community with hard to find answers to problems.  It's also a great way to share your experience on the job, or information you may have received by working with vendor support. 

If you would like to blog on and get noticed immediately by the community and industry leaders, drop a note to:  Blog setup takes minutes.


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