MMS: A Serious Poll with a Serious Outcome

Published 06 May 09 04:53 PM | rodtrent

We've posted a poll that really needs your attention.  Every couple years you hear rumors about how Microsoft wants to merge the highly successful MMS into TechEd, pushing the System Center products you know and love into a sort of obscurity and potentially turning technical MMS sessions into watered-down and diluted version at TechEd.  Personally, I would hate to see this happen.  I know most of you feel that way, too.  MMS has turned into a MUST-attend event every year for those who manage their environments.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD through this new poll.  Take the poll, add your comments - all of them.  Tell us how you feel about the ideas represented there.  And, then, pass it along to someone you know who would also love for their own voice to count.  If you need to, take your time to put all your thoughts into words and just let us know how you feel.

Here's the link:


And, feel free to discuss this poll, it's implications, and your thoughts in the System Center community - you know, the centralized one at

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