A potential fix for ConfigMgr slowness…

Published 01 May 09 05:58 PM | rodtrent

During the Community session, Ask-the-Experts at MMS 2009, Michael Schultz gave a tip about one cause of ConfigMgr 2007 console slowness.  Here’s his summarization of the fix:

Well, some MSC files are created in an older version of MMC.  There are occasions when your MMC client on your workstation might not mesh well with a particular version of an MSC file.  Either your workstation needs patched, or your MSC file needs upgraded.  By applying all MMC hotfixes and rollups, you can eliminate that as an issue.  You then right click on the MSC file and select “AUTHOR”, which gives you the ability to modify and save the MSC file you’ve opened.  Make a minor change to the console, save the file as a new MSC, and this one may be more reliable than the previous file.

No guarantees, but this helps.  Also, because the MMC has a limitation on the memory available to that process, you can run out of memory for the process and it will either get dog slow or crash.  I believe there’s an article on the web to increase the memory allocated for this process, and also x64 workstation OS’s help as well.”


# cstauffer said on May 4, 2009 08:32 AM:

So how do we find all the latest MMC patches and hotfixes?

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