New SCCM/SMS Software Updates from Roger Zander

Published 23 April 09 06:35 PM | rodtrent

SCCM Client Center has been updated to v2.0.1.0.
Changes .

  • Countdown timer has gone, just need to press OK instead :)
  • AppV info / Offer Remote Assistance Addons
  • Download User policy and Apply
  • Logged on user name (adhoc inventory option)
  • for Add/Remove Programs & Security state you can copy contents to clipboard (advise pasting to excel)
  • Service Windows (show, add, delete)

SCCM Collection Commander updated to 1.3.2

  • WOL feature fixed 
  • FreeDiskSpace and CheckAdvertisement feature added 
  • Check WSUS reboot state feature added 
  • Disable editing during ping process. 
  • RowHeader double click does switch between Rom and Cell select 
  • CCMSetup parameters now stored in smscollctr.config
SMS 2003 Object Backup - Beta V0.7.0.7 released
- Remove Direct Membership Issue fixed (Collection) 
- Assign Collection to Root Issue fixed 
- ...


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