Tips and Tricks: Using Internet-Only Client Management on the Intranet

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Posted on: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 10:29 AM
Author: jchornbe
Subject: Tips and Tricks: Using Internet-Only Client Management on the Intranet

imageCarol Bailey had another great post over on the System Center Configuration Manager team blog yesterday.  This time she’s discussing tips and tricks for using Internet-only client management on the Intranet.  I have the intro and a link below:

When you read the product documentation for using Internet-based client management in Configuration Manager 2007, you will see in the overview information that there are three different management states that a Configuration Manager client can be in when assigned to a site that's configured for Internet-based client management:

  • intranet-only
  • Internet-only
  • Internet or intranet

An intranet-only client is a client that's assigned to a site configured for Internet-based management but isn't currently configured to be managed over the Internet.  It has the capability to be managed over the Internet but cannot do so until it is assigned to the Internet-based management point.  Not everybody wants all their clients to be configured for Internet client management - and there's little point in making an additional configuration for servers and workstations that do not move.

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