MSI Studio for SCCM is 40% off until December 31st

Published 04 December 08 02:48 PM | rodtrent

If you click the graphic below (or the same graphic in our forums or the top of the site pages) you’ll be whisked away to a special offer from the good folks at ScriptLogic.

The graphic they have provided contains a special link that will give you 40% off of their MSI Studio product.  But, hurry!  The deal only lasts until December 31st!


OK, so, why MSI Studio from ScriptLogic? 

Integration with SCCM

MSI Studio for Configuration Manager integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. When you have completed and tested an MSI package, MSI Studio can pass that package to Configuration Manager and automatically add package details to the management database

Zero-Touch Testing

MSI Studio Pro and MSI Studio for Configuration Manager lets you easily create a special MSI package which simulates the effect of the application installer on the target computer, but without actually making any changes. Now the administrator can identify which files and registry keys which will be over-written and changed without doing any damage!

Conflict Resolution

MSI Studio Pro and MSI Studio for Configuration Manager adds a repository for storing MSI packages, which allows for easy reporting on where each package might conflict with others. With MSI Studio Pro the administrator can find and resolve problems with conflicting application installers before they occur!


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