The SCOM clock – struck me as funny this morning…

Published 28 November 08 12:01 PM | rodtrent

Our youngest uses a stylish piece of SWAG as his alarm clock.  Its a Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 clock, given away at MMS 2008.

Pictures here (you can click the picture for a larger view):

SCOMClock 001.JPG  SCOMClock 002.JPG

Since he’s been in school, we’ve not had to worry about shutting off the alarm in the mornings.  The alarm wakes our son, and then it goes off in it’s own time.  Being out of school for the past few days for the Thanksgiving holiday, we have come to realize that this thing does not have a Snooze button, nor any way of turning off the alarm except to remove the battery!

A SCOM (OpsMgr) Alert you CAN’T turn off!  Maybe there’s a MSKB about it somewhere.


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