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Published 07 November 08 03:41 PM | rodtrent

Today, Stefan Stranger posted a good start for a list of System Center tweeters on Twitter.

I’ve been tweeting quite a bit, lately, just to connect with other folks in the System Center community – well, along with other interesting folks, too.

It’s fun.  Definitely not a work-related activity, except for the announcements that come through about System Center products, and tweets from live events like TechEd.

You might give it a try.

Stefan has a good start of folks who are worthy of “following” and also some links to tips on how to get started and also how to work the technology.  If you search around a bit, you’ll find some names you recognize.

As Stefan says: “Warning! It’s addictive!”

And, it is.  For example, I’m charging my mobile device right now just so I can tweet from an overnight camping trip I’m taking with my youngest son tonight.  I may even send along some photos.

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