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1E gets a site makeover…
31 October 08 03:18 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Pretty good…


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Garth Jones answers your certification questions
31 October 08 10:07 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

Garth Jones has signed-on to be the myITforum.com resident certifications guru.  You can ask your certification questions through the FAQ system using the “Ask a Question” menu item.



Would you like to become an official section myITforum.com FAQ section guru?  Drop a note to:  admin@myITforum.com

When questions are posted to your FAQ area of expertise, you receive an email prompt to login to the FAQ system to help resolve the problem and help build our FAQ system.  More evidence that myITforum.com promotes you and your knowledge and experience.

Sample Linked Report MP
31 October 08 08:56 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

Steve Rachui gives an example of a long, sought-after, how-to topic.


Add myITforum.com content to your own web sites and blogs
31 October 08 06:48 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

Grab a widget or two from Widgetbox that will allow you to spiff up your own web site or blog with actual content.


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Microsoft Online Services Sign In Tool V1 released
30 October 08 04:47 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Move Outlook, IE, and LiveMeeting to the Cloud today:


Live Mesh updated with a slew of new features
30 October 08 04:26 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Windows Mobile is now supported (along with Mac).  Unfortunately for me, I still have a WM 5 device.

Read through the nifty new features:


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Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 with R2 released
30 October 08 01:14 PM | rodtrent | with no comments


The System Center Online Services FAQ
30 October 08 01:09 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Getting ready for SCOS…


Windows Live OneCare 3.0 coming live to MU/WSUS
30 October 08 01:08 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Windows Live OneCare 3.0 coming…


Over 120 Windows PowerShell script in the myITforum.com Windows PowerShell repository!
30 October 08 10:05 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

There are lots of great community-generated scripts available to use straight off the page.  And, you can use the concepts displayed in the scripts to learn PowerShell.


The Windows PowerShell Community Script Repository:


App-V Application Listing tool
30 October 08 08:46 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

The App-V Application Listing Tool (ListVApps) is a tool which lists all the virtual processes that are running at a specific time on a specific computer.


Windows HPC Server 2008 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 released…
30 October 08 08:38 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

The Windows HPC Server 2008 Management Pack provides both proactive and reactive monitoring of Windows HPC Server 2008 for a cluster environment. It monitors Windows HPC Server components – such as head node, compute node, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) broker node, network, and Job Scheduler – to report issues that can cause downtime or poor performance for the cluster that is running Windows HPC Server 2008.
Feature Summary
The Windows HPC Server 2008 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 includes a number of key monitoring scenarios that are enabled with monitors, rules, alerts and tasks to help manage an HPC cluster, which include:

  • Head Node Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Job Scheduler Monitoring
  • Compute Node Monitoring
  • Broker Node Monitoring



System Center Online Services category coming
30 October 08 08:31 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

Get ready…

System Center Online Client software is coming, along with new areas in TechNet online and other Microsoft properties to promote and support the SaaS.


Beta products section added to the ConfigMgr 2007 Wiki
29 October 08 04:45 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

And, our first beta product is listed…

Roger Zander’s SCCM Client Center 2.0 BETA:


What’s it feel like to surf the Internet in China?
29 October 08 04:14 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Find out for yourself – only for Firefox users.  Have your government sensitive searches and links blocked just like you were behind the Chinese firewall.


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