Where is Adaptiva?

Published 23 September 08 08:50 AM | rodtrent

Remember them from MMS 2008?  http://www.adaptiva.com/

They were developing a single-server solution for SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr 2007.  During MMS 2008, the product was still in development.  They also demo'd the product during the SCCM Expert party at the now closed Star Trek Experience.

SCCM Expert/Adaptiva Party Invite for MMS 2009

Has anyone heard from these folks?  Is anyone using the Adaptiva Bridge product?

I’ve sent a few emails to check on their status, but have never received a reply.


# Peter Burnham said on September 24, 2008 02:32 PM:

Hey Rod, we're here, just been extremely busy with the late Q3 sales surge. Sales are up 300% from last year, counting Companion and Bridge together.

We're looking for a solutions engineer in the Seattle area. If you're from around here, or open to relocation, please email me at peter <-at-> novaprise <-dot-> com OR peter <-at-> adaptiva <-dot-> com OR call me at 206-372-7986


# IBIt said on April 23, 2009 01:06 PM:

Well from a close source, i  have learn't that adaptiva has updated their web site. They will be launching new products at MMS 2009. Adaptiva Bridge has been renamed to one site. not sure if it got any sales during the year though.

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