Google Chrome – a couple instant annoyances…

Published 02 September 08 03:48 PM | rodtrent

  1. Chrome did not find and import ALL of my IE bookmarks.  Believe it or not, it did not import any of my bookmarks.  I *knew* they didn’t like us.   BTW: re-importing using the toolbar option didn’t help.
  2. In full-screen mode, Chrome *takes over* the screen real estate, i.e., I allow my Taskbar to hide under the screen when not in use – and sliding my cursor to the bottom of the screen does not allow the Taskbar to slide in front of the Chrome window.  I’m still looking for a tweak in the app for this.  Hmmm…I take that back.  Chrome doesn’t allow the Taskbar to work even when it is in *any* mode.  It basically disables hiding the taskbar.  -- and there’s not clear fix for this.
  3. 70MB footprint.  What???

I wonder how long this will be in Beta.  Google is notorious for keeping something in beta for the seeming life of the product.  I guess that’s a good way to continue making excuses for major bugs.


UPDATE:  Hmmm…the taskbar slide appears to be working all of a sudden!  It’s magic!  I’ll watch this to see if it happens again. 

UPDATE 2:  OK…nevermind.  I can duplicate it.  Interesting bug.

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# dj4bc said on September 4, 2008 07:53 PM:

This has been annoying the hell out of me as well! I have to minimise chrome just to use my taskbar!!

I love chrome, but this is very painful bug!

Rodtrent, any chance you could fill me in on how this bug occurs and perhaps a way i can make it go away??

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