Want to know what’s up with Appdeploy.com?

Published 28 August 08 08:59 AM | rodtrent

Bob Kelly indicates that the site should be back up, but it is still moving slow today.  So, additional technical issues are being worked on.

However, you can now “follow” what is going on with Appdeploy.com by following the updates on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/appdeploy 


Here’s what Twitter has as of right now…

While the site is largely viewable, submissions are an issue at the moment. Working on the forum now, expect intermittent outages near-term. about 13 hours ago from web


I'll stress the good news: no data loss. However, the site is suffering major performance issues and a solution is still being investigated. about 15 hours ago from web


Everything is as it should be but the original issue of the site slowing down seems to be resurfacing. Cross your fingers for me. about 16 hours ago from web


Not crying victory yet, but things are starting to click. The site is up, but slow-- I've got a bit more cleaning up to do... about 16 hours ago from web


Moving back to original (more powerful) server now. The forum may take a bit more work, but the bulk of the site should be up shortly. about 17 hours ago from web


Looks like some db corruption, the good news is the data is OK. Exporting the data to new db files on is looking successful. Up soon?!? about 18 hours ago from web


Working to restore appdeploy.com! After a full 24 hr. outage, a problem in the execution of ASP scripts has us moving to a new server 08:38 AM August 27, 2008 from web

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