Having problems with the Level 5 freebies today?

Published 13 August 08 12:16 PM | rodtrent

For those taking advantage of the 2 hour window for free Level 5 Guides today – if you  are having problems with any of the videos, MAKE SURE port 88 is enabled on your corporate firewall.

Also, an additional tip from the ConfigMgr list…you may need to reinstall Silverlight if you have issues.  That’s probably the first thing you should try if you are positive that port 88 is, indeed, open on your firewall.

Incidentally, the error message you may receive for either of these resolutions will look like something similar to the following…


Others are reporting that video may be slow and sometimes the audio is non-existent, or that it sounds like you’re listening through a cell phone connection.  Try restarting the video again, or simply try again in a few minutes due to stress on the server.

UPDATE:  Brian Tucker has just reported that he has notified his ISP about the bandwidth issues and he will be keeping the offer open for an extra hour today so everyone who wants to experience the Level 5 guides can do so.

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