OpsMgr 2007 now supports installation on Windows 2008

Published 26 July 08 09:56 AM | rodtrent

This hotfix provides support to install Operations Manager 2007 Service Pack 1 or Essentials 2007 Service Pack 1 on a Windows Server 2008-based computer.

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  • The OpsMgrSP1/SCESP1 hotfix must be applied after installation of OpsMgr/SCE on Windows Server 2008 or after in-place upgrade of the OS to Windows Server 2008 of an affected OpsMgr/SCE role. This will ensure correct performance counter registration on RMS, SCE Server, Management Server, Gateway server roles.
  • If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on Windows Server 2008 when you apply the OpsMgrSP1/SCESP1 hotfix, you MUST execute SystemCenterOperationsManager2007-SP1-KB954049-X86-X64-ENU.MSI from an elevated command prompt. Failure to do so will not allow the display of the hotfix applicaton dialog once the MSI has completed installation of the staging bits on the server.
  • Read carefully the Known issues section of KB954049. There are a number of requirements and known issues, several still under investigation (Issues 6/7). As more information on Issues 6/7 becomes available and hotfixes developed the KB article will be updated and details provided.


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