Adobe adds to Reader’s security problems by releasing a new version

Published 03 July 08 07:25 AM | rodtrent

How can Adobe put these two paragraphs together in the same announcement without snickering just a little?  Adobe says the new version is more secure, yet they added support for reading SWF and FLV files.  Close one hole, open another, I guess.

Statement 1:

Security enhancements
Adobe Reader 9 provides new digital signature functionality for an improved user experience. The new version also adds support for 256-bit AES encryption and new advanced security capabilities.

Statement 2:

Native Adobe Flash support
Adobe Reader 9 can natively display rich media content, which you'll notice immediately with Portfolios. Interested in viewing SWF and FLV files? Adobe Reader 9 is the answer.

Read the full post about the newly released 9.0 version:

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