Better late than never – the Culminis Restructure…

Published 01 July 08 02:49 PM | rodtrent


This org has grown sideways for far too long, and its been rumored that Microsoft was going to step in and fix it.  I kept waiting.  Today, their last monthly newsletter outlines the changes coming – and yes, Microsoft has stepped in.

Read about the restructuring

I was actually on the original board to get this org going, but dropped out because I didn’t agree with the plan to move forward.  The primary problem was that they just didn’t understand community.  It was all too heavy-handed acting as if they knew more about you than you do.

If you care about community and User Groups, I highly suggest you read this post.  There are things in there that may still leave you scratching your head.  I may eventually go into a tirade about how Microsoft has renewed their push to own and control community (this happens about every 3 years), but we’ll see.

And, when you get a chance, make sure you read Graham Watson’s announcement on how Microsoft is changing the way they support User Groups.

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