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Published 26 June 08 04:14 PM | rodtrent

So…Firefox 3.0 was released on June 17th.  And, while I’m not using Firefox 3.0 any longer (yes, I finally removed it from my computer – more about that later), it is interesting to see the Firefox versus IE stats on since it’s released.

Page Views, June 17th (Release date):

IE - 192,736

Firefox - 32,277


Page Views, June 19th (2 days after release):

IE - 167,280

Firefox - 28,216


Page Views, June 23rd (Monday, start of the week after release):

IE - 177,765

Firefox - 27,931


Page View, June 25th (yesterday):

IE - 186,108

Firefox - 32,169


So, to me – it seems like there’s really no effect at all.  Firefox didn’t gain any ground with the new release.  At least for, IE’s browser market share remains the same.

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