Formal Announcement: I’m speaking at TechMentor 2008 in Las Vegas

Published 24 June 08 06:26 PM | rodtrent

If you want to stop by, relive some MMS in Vegas memories, and even sit in on a session or two of mine, check out TechMentor 2008.

There are still 2 events left for 2008.  One in New York, and one in Las Vegas.  And, of course, with my history of MMS in Vegas, I think I picked the best one to speak at.  :)

I’m bringing System Center to the TechMentor fold this year, which should really help expand the topic range and bring in a whole new audience.

The TechMentor folks have put together a cool video about the conference that you should take a gander at when you get time.

And, when you’re ready to sign-up to attend, drop out to the following URL:


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