visionapp Remote Desktop - Version 1.5

Published 22 January 08 11:22 AM | rodtrent

Thanks to Duncan for highlighting this on his blog.

visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD) is a tool which allows the management of RDP connections to servers. vRD is ideal for administrators who need to maintain simultaneous connections to multiple servers. Connection-specific settings and login credentials can be organized in folders and subfolders for quick access.


visionapp Remote Desktop version 1.5 ships with the following features:

  • Create and manage folders and subfolders for connection objects
  • Define connection settings such as redirections, RDP port and window size in connection objects
  • Organize connection objects in different folders and subfolders
  • Change the order of folders, subfolders and connection objects
  • Define connection settings such as redirections and window size
  • Create user-specific credential items including username, password and domain (encrypted)
  • Login to remote server desktops with a single mouse click on a connection object
  • Use the overview window to find open user sessions
  • Take advantage of the option to open a separate window for a new user session
  • Connect to interactive remote console on supported platforms, such as Windows Server 2003
  • Description area above vRD work area may be opened or closed
  • Different sort options for the connection object hierarchy are available
  • Assign a user-defined credential object to folders and subfolders
  • Inherit credentials from parent folder or assign a user-defined credential object to a connection object
  • Export and import folders including all connection object settings via XML files
  • Export and import credential objects using a password-protected and encrypted file (256-bit AES encrypted) -- for security reasons, the encrypted file can only be imported if the user ID is the same as it was when the credentials were exported
  • User Interface language can be switched either to English or to German during program run-time


System Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft XP or Vista or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with SP1


If you use visionapp Remote Desktop on earlier Microsoft Windows operating systems, this may result in a reduced feature set, for example on Microsoft Windows 2000 platforms.

Click here to download the "visionapp Remote Desktop - Version 1.5"


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