Altiris illegally using technology, suit says

Published 25 November 06 08:43 AM | rodtrent

Macrovision Corp., a maker of software to prevent copying of digital music and DVDs, sued Utah's Lindon-based Altiris Inc., claiming it's infringing two patents covering a system for managing product licenses.
    In a complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in San Jose, Calif., Macrovision asked for a court order blocking Altiris from using its patented technology without permission. Macrovision is also seeking monetary damages for the unauthorized use of its innovations.

    Macrovision said it fears that Altiris is planning to sue it for infringing an Altiris patent and asked for a court order declaring that it's not. Altiris, which makes software used to manage computer systems, sent a letter last month ''in bad faith and without any reasonable basis'' threatening to sue Macrovision for using Altiris' patented technology without permission, according to the complaint.

    Altiris also contacted at least one prospective customer of Macrovision and told it that a software package the company uses infringes a patent that Altiris owns. Altiris did so ''with the intent to disrupt Macrovision's economic or potential economic relationship,'' the suit said.

    Macrovision said it's entitled to cash compensation for the economic interference.

    A spokesman for Altiris, Bradley Gittings, didn't immediately return a voicemail message seeking comment on the suit.

Altiris' Wise Solutions unit, which it purchased in 2004 for about $43 million in cash and shares, was sued along with the parent company.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune


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