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Interesting new news outlet
31 May 06 06:16 PM | rodtrent | with no comments is kind of like a Wiki for news stories.

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They are finally getting this???
31 May 06 05:56 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

"Super-size" not a super deal, study finds

It’s amazing they are JUST now getting this.  The “Super-Size Me” movie was released when?  2004?

If you’ve seen this movie, you would be shaking your head at this article, too.

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Google has no plan for its own Web browser: CEO
31 May 06 05:49 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Read the article…

I wonder, though.  What do you think Google would have called the Internet Browser?

Google Internet = GI


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The Steve Jobs of the transportation technology world
31 May 06 05:44 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Let’s build something that is too expensive for anyone to own, but will revolutionize the world.

Segway Offers Financing to Push Sales

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Managing RSS Feeds
31 May 06 05:39 PM | rodtrent | 4 comment(s)

Well — it’s that time once again, where I have the time to go through the blogs I’m subscribed to and weed out the one’s that simply didn’t work out.  Wouldn’t it be cool to give these bloggers an electronic pink slip?  Sorry, fella, we tried, but it just didn’t work out.  Pack up your desk.  Security will be here shortly to escort you out.

It’s funny how many blogs look like they have real potential, but then 6 months later there’s barely a heartbeat.  I can’t count the number of blogs I’ve tried to subscribe to over the years, where I think I’ve finally found a great Systems Management blog.  The blogger is gung-ho for a month, maybe two — but, then they ride off into the sunset taking my hopes of a great blog with them.

Which brings me to thought, and something that is possibly needed to be added to RSS reader functionality.  What I’d like to see, is a mechanism that checks the feed on a schedule I set, and removes the entire feed if a post hasn’t been made within a period of time.  If this is available in the RSS reader you use, let me know — but I’ve simply not seen this feature yet.

What I do now:  when I see a new feed I think I’d like, I stick it in a ‘New Feeds’ folder, so I can monitor it for activity and quality of content.  If it passes the mustard, I drag it into a permanent folder.  If it doesn’t turn out to be what I thought, I remove the entire feed manually.  Still, it would be nice if this could be turned into an automatic feature that would warn you before it removes the feed — giving you the option to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

What do you think?  How do you manage those feeds with very little activity and quality of content?

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Have you noticed how c|net is utilizing bloggers?
31 May 06 05:29 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

I noticed this today.  It may have been going on for some time, but there are a few short articles (they actually call them blogs—hoo-haw) on c|net’s news site, where there is a short blurb from the columnist, and the rest of the article is filled with copy/paste from blogs outside of the c|net domain.  They list these article “additions” as “Blog Community Responses

Here’s one example of what I’m talking about, from the Google/Dell article:

So — is this what is coming for the blogging press?  It is interesting.  I’ll have to wait to see how this pans out, but what a boon for the original poster, i.e., all he has to do is put down a few sentences, and then let the rest of the world’s bloggers do the rest.  If a Pulitzer prize is awarded, do all of the bloggers plus the columnist get a time-share on the award?

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New PowerShell email discussion list
31 May 06 04:58 PM | rodtrent | 1 comment(s)
We've created a new PowerShell email list, since there is a LOT of buzz around this utility right now.  PowerShell is basically the next generation of VB Script.  If you are interested in this topic, you can sign up for the new list by doing the following:
1. Create a blank email.
2. Address the email to:
3. In the BODY of the message (leaving the Subject line blank) type the following command:
Subscribe powershell
4. Send the email.
You will receive a confirmation back from the list server that contains the additional commands you can use to manipulate your list subscription.
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Finally -- volume extension built into Windows
31 May 06 04:15 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
See here…
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Tom Skerritt introduces Windows Vista
31 May 06 03:48 PM | rodtrent | with no comments
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Return of the free PC?
31 May 06 03:45 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Google's deal to distribute its software on Dell PCs has renewed complaints about "crapware"--the less-than-flattering term for the free, preinstalled software that clutters hard drives and slows performance.

Read more…

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Another App removed 10 minutes after installation.
31 May 06 01:57 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

I saw that Opera 8.60 for Windows Mobile was released yesterday or today, and I thought — hey — let’s see if they’ve done anything good or innovative with this version.

Well, the jury is in — I used Opera on my Windows Mobile Smartphone for a total of 10 minutes — and then promptly removed it.  Glad I didn’t pay the $30 they want for it.  I didn’t even want this app on my device for the 30–day free trial.

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PowerShell links
31 May 06 11:45 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

Here’s some great links on the new Windows PowerShell scripting language.

Verb Names


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Wolfenstein for the PPC
31 May 06 10:44 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

This is a time waster, for sure…

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Write faster than ever before
31 May 06 09:47 AM | rodtrent | with no comments

I’m just about to give this little application a spin on my Windows Mobile phone:

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Windows Live OneCare Software Ships Early
30 May 06 09:52 PM | rodtrent | with no comments

Microsoft will release a fully supported version of its Windows Live OneCare software tomorrow, marking the software giant's entry into the security software market.

The software, which will cost about $50 annually for up to three PCs, may be purchased from Microsoft's OneCare site.

Read more…

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