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October 2008 - Posts

  • Halloween Rob!

    I'm a halloween baby, and today I celebrate my 21st birthday (again!)!

    Got loads of presents, but the most special one was from my girlfriend, a lovely dinner last night, tickets to see Quantum of Solace tomorrow (gotta love James Bond!) and Happy Birthday sung to me marilyn monreo style, over a cake that had too many candles and almost burnt the house down ... How lucky am I!

    Carol Bailey from the SMS writing team tweaked their Halloween posting to wish me happy birthday, that is so cool! Thanks SMS writing team have a great Halloween!

  • Talking of Open-ID ...

    I stumbled in to this article earlier. We're all use to hearing how bad Microsoft is, with their Embrace & Extend world domination plans, but for a change Microsoft have just embraced something this time and not turned it in to a Microsoft only party, whereas GOOGLE has embraced Open-ID then tricked it out so much it's incompatible with ALL other Open-ID *cough* standards.

    Great work Google, you're well on the way to pimping Open-ID as a Google product, and along the way totally ignoring standards and derailing a public effort. Me thinks Google is punch drunk from the hits they get on their search engine, they are turning in to different kind of underdog now, one more dangerous than the so called monopoly giant Microsoft. I'm hoping Google with sober up a bit here, and try to influence the Open-ID market rather than continuing to fork the Open-ID standard and campaign and promote their standard over others.

    One aspect of this story caught my eye, lock-in. Anyone that wants to implement Google-ID on their website needs to get approved by .. Google! Nice lock-in! Reminds me of the Apple Store, where applications are tossed out for spurious reasons, due to Apple being the control freaks that they are.

    He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones as they say (referring here to Microsoft bending standards on a regular basis, erm HTML and XML for example?!?!), so I’ve toned down the rant. Aside to say well done Microsoft for embracing the standard and boo hoo to Google for trying to put in to place a world domination plan that'll end up with us signing over our first born to the search goliath!


    Posted Oct 30 2008, 07:14 AM by Robs Blog
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  • Microsoft Security Advisory 958963: MS08-067

    A lot of SMS Admins I speak too are telling me they are flat out getting MS08-067 rolled in to their environments. Great work guys, most are very responsive and understand the importance of getting it bedded in.

    Rolling this puppy out is definately a good idea, especially considering that the exploit code has now gone public. We'll be seeing all kinds of methods (malware!) being employed to compromise systems inside firewalled environments.

    I'd strongly urge you to accelerate your patch planning, and if you are holding out until the next patch cycle, wrong ...

    The MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) posted more information about the problem a few days ago. Keeping an eye on Chris Mosby's blog is a good idea, as he's a good source of updates on this.

  • Finally got my hands on an ...

    Sometimes you're reminded just how quickly time flows past.

    Today, I signed on the dotted line for an Alfa 159, 1.9 Lusso (not the 2.2 guzzler) Diesel. Very similiar to the one I blogged about over one year ago, but never got around to getting, mostly due to worry about the thing breaking down, am feeling braver now.

    I felt that over the last year or two i'd worked my back end off trying to keeping a flotila of companies SMS\ConfigMgr hierarchies all green and healthy, that, well, I deserved a little bit of treat. Am picking the car up on Saturday, no doubt i'll only come back home to eat then i'll be back on the road cruising and soaking it up all before I head back to my job on Monday.

    Am feeling the strain at the place i'm contracted too lately, so much commuting it all comes to an unhealthy 12 hours a day, and that deserves a special individual blog posting to explain! Which I will get around too posting when i've finished the contract mid-november. It'll make for a great read i'm sure!

    Posted Oct 29 2008, 05:04 PM by Robs Blog
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  • Windows Live now supporting Open-ID

    Windows Live will soon be supporting the Open-ID authentication standard. that's great news, as soon I can access Windows Live and WMUG using a single ID!

    I can associate a site with my Open-ID, login to my chosen Open-ID provider (lots to choose from out there!), and as long as I remain logged in to the provider I can hop between sites i've associated with the ID without being prompted for another login. Bring it on myITforum, that would then make three sites I trust that I can hop between with only one login.

    Eggs in one basket? No, I setup what I call my insecure Open-ID, that I use on unimportant sites, sites I don't trust et al, and have my secure Open-ID that provides me with access to sites I do trust. I literally drown under the amount of logins I need to remember, from email, website, to server logins. It's just getting too much for me to handle nowdays, so Open-ID is a bit of relief (where I can use it) considering that the Microsoft Passport initiative kind of died on it's feet a while ago and seemed to be the only other way to do this.

    By the way, WMUG enabled Open-ID a few weeks back. We didn't make a song and dance about it as not that many folk use it. However if you go to the Login page you will see that you can indeed use your Open-ID to access this site.


  • ConfigMgr: SUP\WSUS communications failure

    Came across an SMS Admin today with an interesting problem. He has WSUS\SUP + all the other gubbings all on the one box, nothing really out of the norm and yet he gets Status Message ID 6701 followed by 6703 exactly 5 minutes later (the timeout value) in his WSYNCMGR log when attempting to get WSUS to SYNC with Microsoft Updates. Really he should be seeing 6701 followed by 6704 (recalling from memory here!) and 6701 means that the Sync is initialising and 6704 that it is in progress.

    Odd thing is, if you remove the FQDN for the Site server (role wizard) the problem disappears. I could have left it like that, but didn't want too as it's etched in stone that supplying an FQDN for the Site server is good working practice. Well, it is.

    Anyway, I discovered that if you add the Site servers FQDN to the Site servers Internet Explorer Trust Sites then add the FQDN back in to the Site server, it all slots in to place and performs the Sync successfully.

    Now am not too sure of the root cause here, this in my eyes is a work-around and as its not a documented step I'm assuming not that many of you are actually experiencing this issue. If you've seen this, getting this, this fixed it for you then let me know!

    On the subject of SUP\WSUS i've seen some real funny (well not so funny, maybe strange is a better word!) things happening, nearly all of which has been related to a non-standard "environment". And then i've seen SUP\WSUS go on (install), sync and bring down updates without any hiccups.

    If you are experiencing SUP\WSUS issues then go back to step 1, analyse your environment and try to determine what is putting SUP\WSUS nose out of joint, as the product does work, first time, even if you follow the instructions verbatim Big Smile

  • WMUG (UK) Event: October 31st - TVP\Reading

    WMUG, the UK Systems Center User Group is happy to announce that Wally Mead will be attending the next event, which is taking place on the 31st of October 2008, at the Microsoft TVP Campus.

    Here's a snippet from the WMUG Event group page, it's a totally ConfigMgr loaded event:

    Mark the date in your diaries folks, the next WMUG meeting will be on the 31st of October at the Microsoft TVP Campus in Reading. This time we’ll be having from Microsoft, Wally Mead, Sr. Program Manager for System Center configuration Manager who has kindly agreed to stop over at our meeting on his way to Tech Ed, and do some presentations.

    Please note: We will be starting this event earlier than normal on a Friday, to get the most benefit out of Wally for you.

    We have three sessions:

    1:15 - 2:30 - Configuration Manager Site Deployment (Deployment part 1)

    2:30 – 2:45 - Break

    2:45 - 4:00 - Configuration Manager Client Deployment (Deployment part 2)

    4:00 – 4:15 - Break

    4:15 - 5:30 - Configuration Manager SP1 and R2 Overview

    5:30 – 6:00 - Q&A

    This is a GOLDEN opportunity for you to meet, and hear from, one of the best SMS/ ConfigMgr experts in the world, so attending is essential!

    Read from source here for more info or to register!

    Oh boy, a chance to deep dive on Site and Client deployment with a guy who eats, lives and breaths this product. If you live in the UK and can get to Reading, or maybe just couldn't attend IT Forum this year, honestly don't miss out on this opportunity!

  • What's that box i'm holding? - The Answer!

    Well, only one person came back with the correct answer to what i'm holding in my profile picture ... Steve Thompson who guessed it was an SMS 1.0 retail box!

    I was tempted to tear the plastic seal on the box and load it on to WinNT, but, the realisation that i'd probably stop laughing and getting warm goofy retro feelings within 10 minutes of loading WinNT has put me off, so it's still sealed and probably will be forever!

    Congratulations Steve Thompson (profile) you're the proud owner of a few pens that flash when you click them!!! Very classy, and totally invaluable for true flashing pen mobility that easily slip in to any shirt pocket! Will put them in the post soon ... who's the SMS daddy!

    I'll knock some more stuff up for laughs, and we'll do another competition but call it ... "can you guess what it is yet?"

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