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“After working at Microsoft for 5 years, I became the go-to-guy on various technologies and felt my focus shifting from SCCM. In my new role at SCCM Expert, I get to solely focus on SCCM 2007,” said Richard Dixon, Sr. Solutions Architect, SCCM Expert.

May 2008 - Posts

  • SCCM is not the Official Acronym for Configuration Manager 2007

    “SCCM” is not the official acronym for Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007. "ConfigMgr" is. “SCCM” is not owned as a trademark by Microsoft and therefore we really cannot use it. But I have noticed that many people have picked up on it and continue to use it. Even me, for instance: my main blog site is named SCCMNAP.Com.


    I added the acronyms for each of the Microsoft System Center Products I found .


  • Microsoft Operations Manager—MOM
  • Microsoft System Center Capacity Planner—SCCP
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager—ConfigMgr
  • Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager—SCDPM
  • Microsoft System Center Essentials—SCE
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager—OpsMgr
  • Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager—SCRM
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager—SCVMM
  • Microsoft Systems Management Server—SMS
  • How can I force clients to use a different WUA Server?

    I found a question that popped up a few times on discussions blogs:

    I incorrectly configured the SUP on one of my remote sites and so all these clients are looking at the parent site for Software Updates. I've checked the WUAHandler.log and have seen the settings there. Now that I've got things correctly configured, I'm wondering how I can 'force' the clients to re-home to their local SUP instead. Do I need to reinstall the clients to apply the SCCM local policies for this?

    No you do not need to reinstall the clients. If clients are able to connect to the assigned MP, clients will automatically pick up the new WSUS URL and use it. Default ConfigMgr Site Policy interval is one hour. So after one hour your clients should re-home and use the new WSUS URL.

  • How to obtain 100 % ConfigMgr Client Installation

    Is there any possibility, or third party tools, that will make me sure that 100% of computers that I want it to install the client, has the SCCM client installed... and if they don't, is there any way to initiate installation and to be sure 100% that the SCCM Client is installed.

    To ensure that all systems that are intended and targeted for the ConfigMgr client installation. The best client deployment method I have used here at Microsoft is using AD GPO that will apply 3 settings.

    1. the ccmsetup parameters are place in the registry
    2. the WSUS URL is place in the registry.
    3. applies the ADM Client Assignment template.

    Enable WSUS/SUP Client Installation. In the GPO add the WSUS URL for your SUP Site Role. As clients join the domain or connects to the network, the Windows Update Agent will scan against your WSUS server and the ConfigMgr client will be detected as not installed and WSUS will install the client treating the client as if it was a critical update.

    The installation will start about 2 to 3 minutes after the client is detected as not installed. This method will also upgrade a client that is lower than the published version in WSUS. If a client is already installed with the right version, the client will be re-assigned to your site if not already assigned. Also as part of this GPO you will want to add the ADM Client Assignment template. This is comes with ConfigMgr 2007. This template will keep clients assigned to the site of choice.

    Two things will happen automatically for you. If the client is un-installed for any reason, WSUS will re install the client on the next WSUS scan. If the client is re assigned to another site, the ADM template with automatically reassign the client back to the originating site code immediately.

    Let me know if you need to help setting this up. Its the best client deployment method I recommend. Works great. Client upgrades would also be made simple as well. All an admin would have to do is publish the new latest client to WSUS, client upgrades will happen automatically on the next Windows Update scan.

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