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To successfully blog using Word 2007 and Community Server. So if you have a blog of the Posting URL is metablog.ashx

Scobleizer - Google announces feed API Scoble talks about Google’s latest announcement about RSS Feed API. He tells Microsoft they are missing out and should have gotten “NewsGator three months ago.“ Google is predicted to fall hard this year (can’t recall where I read that…sorry for not having a link), but I just don’t see it. Google has made some major announcements...

Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages… The blog comments now work with all browsers on all the blogs.

Michael Wood seems to have really missed Now, sit back and enjoy the show, because, Inc. is going… Ha!! Sorry, can’t let the cat out yet. I’ll just say, Rod has some BIG plans for, Inc.

OK…so, if you use my blog and you are searching and see a link that points to, you will need to change it to

I'm VERY impressed with the new version. Speechless!! Well almost...if I was truly speechless, I wouldn't be blogging about it. Microsoft did a Great job with this product!!

Corporate Blogging Takes Off The poll of corporate marketing and communications professionals found that 55 percent of corporations are blogging, with 91.4 percent of those using them for internal communications and 96.6 percent for external outreach. More than half had launched their blogs within the last year. And you choose to Read the blogs at, Inc. Thanks!!

Is it myITforum time? Rod posted a question today... Well, every day is myITforum time. It is great seeing all these posts on the blog... It just goes to show just how GREAT is....and it's always getting better!!

Select a Product to see an RSS Feed for that product listing the most recently published KB Articles. The list will be updated every 24 hours.

We are working on releasing a myITforum Code Pack, containing all the great scripts from the myITforum group. In order to try to collect as many scripts as possible, we will be giving away 1 copy of Windows 2003 Server to each of the two top donators of files . The scripts must be ones that were not included in any of the Code Repository Code Packs or the Original Database. The scripts can be any of...

Well, after many different style changes and additions to my blog...I finally created a custom looking blog that I think I will keep...for now at least. Recent changes: myITforum Theme - Wanted to make my blog look like the myITforum site Search function - Using some good coding I found on the Internet, you can now search my blog. Scrolling Text - Scrolling messages under my News Section of my blog...