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Camaro wins World Car Design Award of the year! Congrats to the Camaro team!

2010 Camaro: Part Reference Guide   The 100,000th Camaro coupe rolled off the assembly line yesterday afternoon ( as announced by an Oshawa employee )! This impressive production # has been achieved due to Camaro’s resounding sales success, and has been reached in just under one full year of fifth generation Camaro production (the one year anniversary is March 16th). Number 100,000 was assigned its...

The latest camaro production and delivery (sales) #’s were released today. Here are the stats: Production Stats: Camaros produced in February 2010: [to come] Total Model Year 2010 Camaros produced to date (since March 16, 2009): [to come] Delivery (sales) Stats: Camaro February 2010 Deliveries (actual sales): 6,482 Total January 2010 - February 2010 Deliveries: 11,853 > January 2010 Stats: http...

The date is wrong on the picture, my camera was set wrong.  I took delivery on July 1st, 2009!!

Camaros produced in May 09: 6,901 Total Camaros produced to date (since March 16, 2009): 14,715 Awesome numbers for GM.  Too bad one of those wasn’t my car!

I was going to take off work today to celebrate...but I didn't. Very exciting time for Camaro's been a long time coming, but the Camaro is back! Can't wait for my car to be produced and setting in my drive way!

Production was scheduled to begin Feb. 16th 2009, but has been pushed back to March 16th, 2009.

So...after all the debating about what color, what options, how much can I afford, etc. I finally got the approval from my I ran down to the local Chevy dealership and ordered my 2010 Camaro. I opted for a Cyber Gray Metallic Camaro SS with the RS package, black leather interior, 6 speed Manual, Hurst short throw shifter, Shortie Headers, Car Cover, Gas cover, Camaro Car Cover, Cold Air Induction...

2009 Chevy Camaro Caught In Winter Wonderland of Detroit, Still Blurry

GM has released its first photo of the front-end of the pre-production 2010 Camaro! WOW, I'm getting excited. Email me offline if you want to add to my Camaro fund. I take PayPal! :P

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