If you're new to SoftGrid or just new to sequencing (packaging applications), here are a few tips that should help you avoid some time consuming issues:

  1. Familiarize yourself with any application you plan to sequence. You also need to be familiar with how users will interact with the application. If you sequence and deploy an application that you are unfamiliar with, the streamed application may not function as expected for your users and the resolution may involve sequencing the application again from scratch.
  2. The names used the Asset directory and the Installation directory need to adhere to the 8.3 format. Your users may experience issues with applications that are sequenced using directory names that do not conform to this standard. The cause of the issues your users may encounter in this case are not always readily apparent so troubleshooting will be difficult and time-consuming. You may also have to re-sequence your application to resolve the issue. Save yourself some time and use the 8.3 format up-front.
  3. When sequencing, it is important to disable any components that “install on first use.” Configure these components to be included in the package or make them unavailable.

These should get you started but for a more in-depth look, see the article below for best practices for sequencing:;EN-US;932137


Posted by Michelle Dixon - Microsoft SoftGrid support



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