MMS 2009 : What not to miss

The schedule is out and the geeks are at the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off so we can sign up for the sessions we want to take before they fill up.

Here’s an incomplete list of sessions that I think should be seen at all costs:

SU20 : Getting involved in the Operations Manager MVP Community

A chance to get in front of the SCOM MVP community and ask questions and understand how to submit feedback and suggestions.

SU31 : Ask the Experts

MVPs around SCOM, SCCM, Deployment, etc all there to answer your most technical questions.

SU32 : Conquering the Summit

If this is you first MMS, this is not to be missed. Get networked with folks from your general area and learn how to squeeze the most out of your MMS investment.

SY01 : SCCM “State of the Union”

A focus on Config Manager with a roadmap for the future. This year with more demos! If you use SCCM/SMS or are considering, don’t miss this.

SO21 : Service Manager Overview

Keep up to date on what is happening with the new Service manager offering.

SI01 : Client Health for SCCM

Paul Thomsen is the king of client health, and if you struggle with that (or are even responsible, or even if you just have SCCM / SMS clients!) you don’t want to miss this session.

SY34 : OSD in the Real World

In the past, sessions with consultants and MVP’s telling real-word experiences have been the best, and this should be no exception.

SY21: How do they do that?

See above. This was a great session last year.

SY24 : SCCM 2007 Case Studies

What broke? How’d they figure it out? How’d they fix it? Another great session.

SY25 : SCCM Field Notes

Case studies of actual architectural challenges and solutions.

So that’s my high-level list. Please wait until after I sign up to register yourself.

What sessions are on your “not to be missed” list?

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