My first day at 1E!

I just had the most amazing day with my new co-workers at 1E! Yes, that means I’m now working at 1E, and thus not working at Microsoft. I had a wonderful 12 years at Microsoft, working with many great people in various roles, but I decided it was time to take my career to the next level.

Those of you that have known me throughout my career know that I have always loved ConfigMgr (originally SMS) and also know that it has been all about the community for me. We, the community (customers, Microsoft, and partners) have made ConfigMgr great, through good times and bad. We’ve continually learned from each other, shared tools, found solutions, etc. I started as a customer (at the Government of Ontario), and have participated in the community through books, my magazine column, this blog, presentations at MMS, forums, etc. At Microsoft it was a huge honor to be a technical writer for several years and then to be part of the team that deployed ConfigMgr to 300,000 clients in a complex set of environments as the key internal customer of ConfigMgr. That included ‘dogfooding’ ConfigMgr through many releases and thus working with the product team to ensure it was ready for your production environments.

So working at 1E is the right move for my next career stage. Working with MANY customers in person at the 2010 Partner of the Year will allow me to take my passion for ConfigMgr and computer management to new highs and to contribute in new ways to the community and 1E in particular. Working with the all-star team here at 1E is incredibly inspiring.

It’s always sad to leave, but because the team I left at Microsoft is so great, I’m more than confident they will continue to dogfood ConfigMgr at the high level we all expect and will be very successful with the ongoing operations of ConfigMgr at Microsoft and related environments.

1E, as most of you know, has been a great partner company for ConfigMgr for over a decade. 1E provides consulting services and proven content distribution, power management, user-driven software deployment, and client health solutions, deployed at many ConfigMgr customers, including many of the largest customers. That history of innovation is getting even better, with products such as NightWatchman Server Edition and AppClarity. See for more background.

I look forward to working, talking, and sharing with you in my new role. This is gonna be great!!

Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:42 AM by pthomsen


Tuesday, April 26, 2011 12:16 PM by sthompson

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Congratulations Paul!