What does the ConfigMgr 2012 client health evaluation “result” code mean?

I hope that those of you evaluating/beta testing ConfigMgr 2012 (previously known as v.Next) are checking out the wonderful client health additions. I’ll get into more details on those soon but for now one issue you may encounter is that when you’re looking at the ccmeval.exe results (in the v_CH_EvalResults view) you’ll find that the “Result” column is numeric. That’s fine but what do those numbers mean? There’s no lookup table (at least not yet), so all you can do is guess.

My research suggests the following values, which you can easily add to your queries as I’ve done in a CASE clause. The final terminology will likely be different but you get the idea (I hope).

select healthCheckDescription,

case Result

when 1 then 'TBD'

when 2 then 'n/a' 

when 3 then 'test failed'  -- and thus fix not tried and/or fix not available

when 4 then 'fix failed'  -- and the test must have failed too, in order for the fix to be tried

when 5 then 'n/a - dependent test failed'

when 6 then 'fix worked'  -- so the test must have failed

when 7 then 'all tests passed'

else 'unexpected result'

end 'result', count(distinct netbiosname) 'clients' from v_CH_EvalResults

group by healthCheckDescription, Result

order by count(*) desc

Published Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:30 PM by pthomsen


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