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Summary: some details about my MMS presentations as webinars, and related notes.

One of the pleasures of working here at Microsoft is that I not only get to present at conferences and directly to customers but also in webcasts. I did two this morning based on my MMS presentations and they will be available soon. I'll update the blog with those details but in the meantime you can watch for them at 

In the client health presentation I referred to Brian Huneycutt's great recent posting on the WMI troubleshooting techniques. However I didn't realize he spells his last name with a "u". So here's that link:

A few people pointed out that they couldn't see a way to find the attached ZIP file to yesterday's post. Those files are also the downloads for today's webcasts. It's true that if you go to the blog home page it's not visible. You should open the blog entry itself and then scroll to the bottom. So that's at Then you should see a link like so:

I also referred to one of my coworker's, Mark Seely's, blog on local policies: It's lite on content at the moment but he promises to add more soon, including some today.

Finally, in converting the MMS presentation to the LiveMeeting format I see that one of my favorite slides got dropped. In particular, the one that lists community and partner solutions. You can find its content in this blog but for ease of reference, here it is:

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