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With the jobs industry everywhere, in every sector, coming to a screeching halt, here’s some resources you might want to keep handy. Keep in mind that concentrates on the IT Tech jobs, but we do our best to make sure your job opening, or availability is blasted out to the world.

Did you know there are roughly 52,000 people a day viewing the web site?  That’s a LOT of eyeballs reviewing openings and finding applicants.’s visitors include both management-types and IT staff.  Anything posted to our Jobs Forum (where there is currently 25 jobs currently open from the past 15 days), or our brand new Jobs Email list is then sent to over 18,000 people a day in our opt-in only daily newsletter.  That doesn’t even count the number of people who gladly grab our RSS feeds, where the job posts are streamed right along with everything else!

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