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Microsoft Build 2015 - Impacts to our mobile world
Several new interesting announcements today from the yearly Microsoft Build conference and first day keynote that I think could have influence in mobile...
Be the Best Dressed. Wearable Devices and other 2014 Predictions for Enterprise Mobility
A quick plug for my recent webinar sharing my predictions for enterprise mobility for 2014: From wearable devices to the growth of managed mobility services...
WiFi Security Risks in Mobile Devices
I recently found an interesting article from Raúl Siles on WiFi security , and wanted to highlight and share some of his findings and thoughts. A key finding...
Windows Phone 8 – How to utilize the Emulator
Historical, just as in the “old days” with Windows Mobile and Pocket PC before it, Microsoft has made a handy emulator available as part of the SDK that...
Enterprise App Stores For Managing and Deploying Mobile Apps
If you haven’t already started to support it in your own environment, there is a great deal of activity centered around applications on mobile devices...
Mobile Device Emulators oh my..
One of my coworkers forwarded me a few excellent links on emulator compilations that are currently available.. I wasn’t aware of the breath of emulators...
The season of mobile Operating System upgrades..
The summer of 2011 is over and we are already racing towards the end of 2011. As with recent tradition around the western hemisphere and the consumer holiday...
Microsoft Windows Phone 7.1, “Mango” Update
Unlike the much anticipated large media Apple events or at an industry conference Microsoft finally released more details on their next updates to the...
Public Certificate Woes on Mobile Devices
Not surprising, the serious Comodo certificate breach last month is impacting all of the mobile platforms as well. Luckily for most of us so far the incident...
Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Policy Support on Mobile Devices
As the Microsoft Exchange platform has become the dominant e-mail solution of choice on the planet, it’s solution for remote e-mail access on mobile devices...