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Enterprise Tablet Growth and Estimates for the Future

Tablet Growth

The story so far from the Apple sales side (both consumer and enterprise) since 2010:


Interesting numbers from an recent US based corporate survey, which shows a pent up iPad interest and potential sales increase here in Q2:

IDC has some new numbers that show that the Android tablet marketshare will grow and eventually overtake the iOS side by 2016:

Until more and better tablet apps, and management solutions, arrive for the Android tablets, Apple may be in driving seat for a a little while longer.. Depending on the larger OEM activities (think Samsung, Motorola, etc) and pricing I think it may happen sooner than 2016..

Enterprise Deployments

There is also the first of it’s kind tablet Enterprise Deployment conference going on in New York on April 27th:


We may see a run on iPads like we have seen in previous new product releases, and rumors are already underway for the next Apple product lunches..

Apple could sell 1 million iPads on first day:
Samsung official: iPad mini is on its way:



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