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October 2010 - Posts

Sprint ID for Enterprise Customization

As the fall CTIA conference continues to have new product announcements, I noticed this interesting one from Sprint. This Sprint ID feature does sound interesting on the Android platform and I’m wondering if it could also perhaps be used for more Enterprise type customizations within an individual company.  Looks fairly limited at this time on a few new Sprint Android device offerings, but could have potential. Especially for a company that mainly has Sprint devices.

It appears more details will be made available at the Sprint Open Developer Conference later this month, October 26-28th, in Santa Clara, CA.

For now more official information is located here: but I found some good demos here as well:



Verizon Droid Pro - Ready for business?

As Verizon announced yesterday the new Motorola Droid Pro, it has some interesting specs and “Blackberry” like form factors that will probably make it more interesting for the enterprise customers. The “Global” support with running CDMA and GSM will definitely boost it as well.

But I think the lack of encryption in Android 2.2 is still a hindrance for many hard-core enterprise security folks. As more Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions come around to fully support the Android platform we might see more of a shift..

See more on the Droid Pro here:

A nice eye chart for comparisons by JR Raphael:



Apple lowers iOS Developer Enterprise Program Requirements

If looking at using many of the next-version/wave of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions on the market today for your iOS devices this may be of huge interest if you are not part of a large company.

Early this week Apple has dropped the previous requirement that to enter the iOS Developer Enterprise Program (iDEP) you must have 500 employees or more!

Today, after paying the USD $299 yearly fee, and supplying your company registered Dun & Bradstreet number (DUNS) you can now obtain access to your own Apple iOS MDM certificate.  I believe a small business can register for a DUNS number for approx USD $229.

With this certificate, that is uniquely assigned to you, you can configure your favorite MDM solution (that supports it), and really manage your iOS 4 devices with less user interaction using the Apple Push Notification System (APNS).

Please see to read more details on the iDEP. With the same access you can also create iOS applications and install them on up to 100 registered device per year in what is called “In-House” or “Ad-Hoc” Distribution.


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