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Widgets for Windows Mobile 6.5

applications There appears to be a common theme going on for many platforms these days.. Web “Widgets”. Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 8, etc..  I didn’t even know that there is now a W3C standard for widgets as well!

It looks like it if also coming to the Windows Mobile platform in the upcoming 6.5 release:

I think this could have interesting tie-ins for the corporate enterprise world, if the user interface functions nicely..

I’m thinking of:
- Business Intelligence reporting widgets – see KPIs and other key information at your finger tips through VPN
- ActiveX, (no Silverlight?) or Adobe Flash enabled training content
But probably the most important:
- Extending current web application functionality to your external customers on Windows Mobile devices – public web site widgets to make them easy to use on Windows Mobile devices..

The Widgets will also be available on the new Windows Marketplace and centrally downloaded from there. See all the details here:

BTW, It also appears that feedback is still being pumped into the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform under development, so we can all still still make an impact.. :-)



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