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Versioning / Monitoring SCCM Task Sequences – Update for SCCM 2012

November 10, 2011

Back in May this year I released a small tool that monitors and tracks all changes on Task Sequences on your SCCM Server and exports a copy for backup purposes each time a change happens. Today I just published an updated version of this script, that enables the same functionality for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager . Please have a look on the original Blog Post for some further reference about the usage etc. Find the updated Download on CodePlex .  ... Read the full post or  be the first to comment. Filed under: , , , , ,

Step-by-Step: Handling WMI Events permanently using VBScript

May 30, 2011

This could be called part 4 of WMI magician Kim Oppalfens 3 part series about WMI eventing in SCCM . In his series he first covered the basics of WMI eventing using wbemtest to create the event query and dig a bit through the returning objects. Then he guided us through a simple VBScript that monitored folders in SCCM to implement “securable” Configuration Manager folders . A pretty neat solution as folders aren’t securable objects within SCCM. However one drawback of his initial script is, that...  ... Read the full post or  be the first to comment. Filed under: , , , ,

Versioning / Monitoring SCCM Task Sequences

May 12, 2011

  One thing I’m really missing in SCCM is some kind of versioning or history especially for those quite complex Task Sequences, sometimes consisting of hundreds of steps, each with a bunch of properties. And how often did it happen that you came back to the office and one of your Task Sequences suddenly behaved differently, just to figure out that “someone” changed “something” without telling anybody, especially not you? Or have you ever been working on a Task Sequence, just to recognize that...  ... Read the full post or  be the first to comment. Filed under: , , , , ,