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First impressions on MDT Web FrontEnd Version 2

October 19, 2010

Roughly a year after the first public Beta and half a year after the initial release of Version 1 a new version of the MDT Web FrontEnd is getting closer. The new version will overcome a couple limitations of the first version plus it will get a whole bunch of new features. It’s still some work to do but I hope to have the first public Beta available at TechEd Europe 2010 . If you would like to support me on this project please read the bottom of this post. As an appetizer here are some first impressions...  ... Read the full post or  be the first to comment. Filed under: , , ,

TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin

August 07, 2010

If you plan to attend the TechEd Europe 2010 from 8. - 12. November in Berlin you can vote now for your most favorite sessions and so have influence on the selection process. On you have the chance to pick up to 50 of your preferred sessions until 12th August. So there are still a couple days left. And if you are reading this blog, you are probably also interested on Deployment related topics so be sure to search for sessions from Johan Arwidmark , Mikael...  ... Read the full post or  be the first to comment. Filed under: , ,