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MDT Web Frontend goes Beta

August 22, 2009

I`m happy to announce that the MDT Web Frontend finally has reached Beta status. A Big Thank You to Jason Scheffelmaer who did a lot of testing and with whom I could exchange a lot of ideas on how to implement and improve certain parts.


The FrontEnd is now a full feature replacement of the Deployment Workbench Database Part (2008. Support for 2010 will come soon). Plus it contains already some features like

  • Search for Locations(even after Gateways)/MakeModels/Roles/Computers
  • Drag&Drop Re-ordering of Applications/Packages/Administrators and(!) Roles
  • Edit or Delete all instances of the same Application/Package/Administrator throughout the whole database
  • Search and Add Packages directly from SCCM

The Front End has been written using ASP.Net MVC and a bit JQuery. So it probably won't work for you if you haven't enabled Javascript. The screenshots have been taken with FireFox so don't expect rounded corners in IE ;-) Please find the Download and the Installation Instructions on Codeplex.

This project will (hopefully) continue growing during the next couple of months as there are a lot of additional features I`d like to have included. I really appreciate all comments/suggestions/feedback. So if you found a bug or think you have the next Must-Have feature or maybe would like to participate don't hesitate to contact me.



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