As most figured, there is an internal (To Citrix) Beta of the new client for the new AGEE code upgrade due out in "mid December". This is coming out two months after Windows 7 was released, and after OSX 10.6.1 was released. The current SAC Client that works for the Macintosh still only works if you use Safari in 32bit mode - something that was never mentioned by Citrix. This new release is supposed to support 64BIT for Windows (however, not XP - they seem to drop support for that). I have yet to find out if this will support the OSX 10.6.1 64BIT Kernel, and if they are making plans to code for the 10.6.2 Kernel due out.

As I find out more, I will update my blog here.

For those of you who have recently upgraded to OSX Snow Leopard, I hope you notice that Safari is now 64BIT natively. This is great except for the fact Citrix does not play so well with 64BIT browsing on the Mac. If you notice nothing happens when you try to launch applications through a Web Interface site, or through Access Gateway (Netscaler or not) it is because you are running Safari in 64BIT - which is the default setting.

To resolve this "feature" you will need to put Safari in 32bit mode or download and use Firefox. To put Safari in 32bit mode, just right click the icon and "Get Info". You will see a place for a tick mark for "32bit mode".

This has become an issue here where I work, and I have voiced my concerns to both Citrix and on the Customer Advisory forums. All we can do now is use this work around until they release a fix.

We have to force a generic host name to populate when launching applications from our Access Gateway. This is because our main application verifies the host name against an internal database. If the name is not present, it will not allow access to the application.

To prevent this from happening we have configured the WI to pass a generic name for every client coming in. Its not that hard to do, and is outlined here.

First open the Access Management Console. Expand Configuration - Web Interface.

SnipIT from my WI

Click the Access Site you need to modify and then chose 'Manage Session Preferences'. Chose 'Client Name' under remote connection, ensure there is a check mark in 'Web Interface should over ride....'

SnipIT from my WI

Then, navigate to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\NAME OF SITE\conf\ - In here you will find the 'DEFAULT.ICA' file. Open this with notepad. Under the first section named [WFClient] you can add this at the end ClientName=NAMEYOUWANT Make sure you note its case sensitive.
I have been tinkering with XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 as time permits, and I have really enjoyed the new look and feel of WI. Once I have an Access Gateway appliance to put in the mix I will be even happier. I have seen other demos of WI 5.0 and the Netscaler which are real impressive. You can use the NavUI to display your applications in a "details" type view and not in the frames you normally see. Here is the WI Login page for my small lab running on my laptop via Parallels (VM on the Mac).

From my XenApp Farm named Kelly

Citrix says the version out for early release has not been fully regression tested for use on 4.5 farms - read here: CTX117837 But they go on to mention that when 5.0 does release, it will be fully tested for use on 4.5 farms. WI 5.0 has been tested to fully work on XenDesktop 2.0. They have written a CTX article on the Limitations of Using XenDesktop with Web Interface 4.x - CTX117555 I think one of the key points there is in 4.x the ability to auto launch the desktop if its the only resource available does not exist. You have to use some bookmarks to get around it. Once I have the actual gateway device set up and inline with the new 5.0 WI I will make sure to post more.

For those who are using the 8.1 code on your Citrix Netscalers and you are trying to find out where to brand it... Here it is.

 In 8.1 the background banner image is called from the /netscaler/ns_gui/vpn/nsshare.js and not the index.html as it was in 8.0


Well, I have been thinking about doing a blog for a long time, and I could not think of a better place to do it! I have been a part of this great community for awhile now. I started my stay here learning more about SMS, merging into Macintosh stuff, and now have changed focus over to Citrix. I think its safe to say my main focus for a long time to come will be in the Citrix world. I thank Rod Trent and all MyITForum members for allowing me to be a part of this great spot on the web!