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Operations Manager Service Pack 1

Operations Manager Service Pack 1 is finally here. I've installed it into production twice already and from my perspective, it is a lot better. The UI is much snappier and the script error noise is sigficantly less. The upgrade was painless in both cases and actually solved a major issue for one of the installations: a particular remote server agent refused to talk to the RMS. I manually upgraded the agent to SP1 and without out any other intervention, the agent starting talking.

I hated giving the answer "wait for SP1" to customers, but it definatley lived up to the hype even though it was long overdue.

There were two minor gotchas in the upgrade:

  1. Increase the Operations Manager DB log size before the upgrade. This is documented in the release notes.
  2. Reboot the RMS after the upgrade. The upgrade does not prompt you to do this, but in both cases, the RMS issueing alerts and just acted weird in general.

Another known noise issue is documented and being actively worked in Redmond:

Overall, I'm very pleased with this service pack so far.


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