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SCCM 2012 CEP Theme 7: Compliance and Settings Management Notes

The following notes are what I gathered from the Theme 7 webcast today...
- Speaker: Onur Koc, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
- Attendee number is lower for this meeting.  Only have 29 total today.
- December contest winner: Me :)

- Vision

- "Provide a unified platform for customers and partners to define, monitor, enforce and report configuration compliance in the enterprise for user across all supported ConfigMgr devices."
- Pillars

- Simplify admin experience

- Embrace "user centric" mgmt

- Integrate architecture, infrastructure, admin experience for all user-centric mgmt

- Key Concepts

- Baseline

- Group of CI's with presence rules.

- Configuration Item

- Config model defined for OS, app (settings, rules, applicability

- Deploy to collection

- Investments

- Eek! This slide is ridiculous to try and take notes from (slide below)


- Gold system browsing for creating CI's

- Some scenarios and demonstrations were covered here for creating CI's by browsing gold system

- As he is going through the demo, I'm not getting a sense of too many differences from current DCM

- User of Device Targeting

- New verb is "Deployment", no longer use Assignment term (Personal Note: remember for beta exam)

- Deploy baselines to user or device collections

- If deployed to users, you have several evaluation options

- Eval baseline on all devices user logs on

- eval baseline on only user's primary machines

- In-Console Monitoring

- Most common Noncompliant/Errors sorted based on number of devices/users impacted

- Deployed to Users vs. Device

- Really like the dashboard for (non)compliance status

- Reporting

- admins can see compliance at a glance

- drill-down to see details

- view troubleshooting and remediation info

- Monitor vs. Remediate

- support for CM 2007 monitoring providers is still available

- Remediation is only supported for registry, wmi and script-based settings

- Support for mobile phones

- fully integrated authoring, targeting and reporting experience

- easily build a CI from built-in common settings or create your own settings

- compliance eval off-loaded to server to limit battery and cpu impact on mobile

- support for WM 6.1 and WP 6.5.x

- CI revisioning and audit tracking

- ability to see revisions of ci's, view who changed what and chose to use specific items

- CM 2007 Migration of config packs

- ability to import '07 CI and baselines to 2012

- migration from 2007 hierarchy to 2012 using migration tool

- migration or import will automatically convert v4 schema to v5 schema

- Q&A Time

- When will Win Phone 7 CI's support be available for CM 2012?

- Next meeting: January 26, 2011 - Theme 8: Software Update Management

- Number of attendees maxed out at around 46.   


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