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Prepping for Configuration Manager 2012 Beta Theme 5

 Despite not being directed to it yet, I assumed that the Implementing Role-based Access in ConfigMgr v.Next Virtual Lab would be tied to Theme 5 which is coming up on December 1st at 12:00 p.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST.  I've listed some notes below of what I gleaned from this virtual lab:

- Glad to see that System Resource is automatically selected in the Resource Class drop-down box.

- The new attributes in the full list under the System Resource attribute class is intriguing.  I know it is outside the scope of this lab but I need to dive into those a bit more on my v.Next VM's to see what kind of data is stored in those.

- There is a bit of time delay between the creation of a device collection and when the members are displayed.  I would expect this to be a bit faster but maybe it is a lab-induced delay or a bug?

- The filtering in the console for reports is a bit slow because it looks as though the dataset is completely scanned and the query is run against the filter.  Again this may be lab-induced slowness but is this the way the console is supposed to work?

- Greatly enjoying the audit report for RBAC objects.  This would be invaluable once implemented so that we can tell "who did what?" when something goes wrong.

- The security scoping is a great feature.  You can limit the visibility of a user without limiting the rights. 

Overall, I think these are one of the feature-adds that should be highlighted by Microsoft because role management in ConfigMgr 2007 is a very manual and very cumbersome process that gets much more complex as the hierarchy grows.  The new role-based access control in ConfigMgr 2012 will save countless hours and management on the part of enterprise SCCM admins.


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